From Money To Murder

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Vanessa came to next to Nicholie he was wearing only a towel. She couldn’t remember anything after getting into the hot tub. She looked around and then back to him, his chest had a trace of dark hair, sculpted muscles and he was just beautiful. Laying there and just realizing how beautiful he was, made her blush. What was she thinking? What had she done? What had they done? She couldn’t think, what do I do now? Her head was pulsating, for a second, she thought about leaving before he woke up. Finally deciding she needed to wake him. She tried calling his name softly at first then a little louder.
“Hmmm,” he mumbled from his sleepy state.
She asked, “What time is it? And what happened in or after the hot tub?”
He raised his head and opened his eyes, oh his head hurt. He dropped his head back on the pillow. He was thinking that he was not cut out to be a drinker. Suddenly he was very aware of where he was and more importantly who he was with. He sat up, “What do you mean what happened?”
“Um let’s see, I’m wearing a sheet, you’re in, I’m assuming, only a towel and we are in the same bed, do you have any explanations? Cause I sure don’t.”
“How the hell should I know, you don’t think… uh” he really looked at her “Wow, you look good with your hair down like that. You are gorgeous in the morning.” He stopped himself and changed the subject. “What do you think, did we?”
She was smiling “If so, it couldn’t have been, well let’s say memorable.”
At first he was a little offended until he realized she was teasing him. “For either of us,”


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